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  • The Connel range is made from messmate wood and boasts a natural
    yet sophisticated look. Each piece in the Connel Collection is crafted with a
    focus on functionality and understated elegance, making it a perfect choice
    for those who appreciate a refined, yet natural style. Whether you are looking
    for a statement piece to anchor your living room or a functional piece to
    optimise your workspace.



    Messmate timber will often display subtle growth rings, flowing grain

    marks &occasional gum veins, all of which tell the story of our great
    Australian landscapeand reflect the individuality of every piece of furniture.
    Many of thesecharacteristics are born from withstanding extreme weather
    conditions overmany years, such as bushfires, severe storms, flooding
    and prolonged periods ofdrought, showcasing nature’s signature across
    every piece of timber furniture.

    The Messmate timber used in this product is expertly manufactured into
    oursignature, durable and full-ofcharacter furniture pieces.


    Size Options:

    Super King  2630 (headboard) 2135 (footend) x 2070 x 1150mm

    King 2420 (headboard) 1925 (footend) x 2070 x 1150mm

    Queen 2120 (headboard) 1625 (footend) x 2070 x 1150 mm


    Matching itmes in the range Bedsides, Tallboy, Dresser


    Structural 3 year warranty.

    Connel Timber Bed Frame Messmate

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